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workers compensation insurance Kentucky

At Jessie Insurance Agency, we help businesses buy the best workers' compensation insurance in Kentucky at affordable premiums. With over 45 years of experience, we are a leading name for insurance in Kentucky with solid ratings and exceptional customer service.

What is workers' compensation insurance?

Workers' compensation insurance helps pay benefits to employees in the event of them facing injuries while on the job. In some states, businesses must purchase workers' compensation coverage. A worker's compensation policy typically pays for medical treatment and lost wages for an injured employee. Workers' compensation insurance pays for damages irrespective of who caused the accident.

If an employee dies, the policy pays compensation benefits to his/her family. The law does not require small business owners to purchase workers' compensation insurance. However, make sure to check with your state laws to see if you need to purchase workers' compensation insurance. Regardless of the law, it is always a good idea to have this insurance as it protects you and your business from legal liability.

Benefits under workers compensation insurance

The benefits under workers' compensation insurance differ from one state to another. The general benefits for injured workers under workers' compensation insurance include:

  • Medical coverage: It covers all medical expenses, including doctor's fees, hospital charges, cost of nursing care, medications, diagnostic tests, and medical equipment. It also covers the cost of rehab or physical therapy for patients to help them in recovery.
  • Disability: This policy reimburses the injured employee partially for lost wages in case he/she suffers temporary or permanent disability.
  • Rehabilitation: Workers' compensation insurance covers vocational training for workers who may have to change jobs due to their injury
  • Death: In the event of the employees' death, the policy offers benefits to the surviving spouse and the minor children of the deceased.

The amount of compensation and coverage under this policy differs from one state to another considerably. While some states offer up to 500 weeks of benefits for a temporary total disability, a few other states offer benefits only for 104 weeks. We help our clients' compare and choose the best workers' compensation insurance in Kentucky for their business and employees.

Is my business obligated to buy workers' compensation insurance?

Most states require employers to acquire workers' compensation insurance if they employ individuals that are covered by the state compensation law. However, the workers' compensation laws vary from one state to another, and most states in the US require businesses to purchase insurance even if they have only one staff.

In some states, the workers' compensation insurance is the only compensation that employees receive if they face injuries while on the job. In such states, the workers' compensation insurance makes the employer and his business immune from lawsuits from their injured employees.

Protect your employees today with our highly rewarding workers' compensation insurance in Kentucky. At Jessie Insurance Agency, we listen and empathize with clients and try to understand what they really need. Reach us at 270-595-0000 or visit today.

workers compensation insurance Kentucky
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