A Tampa SEO company will typically understand your merchant needs better than a national or international SEO firm will. Whether your target market is local, statewide, nationwide, or international in scope, Obanc can help you make the connections you need to get where you're going. We're small enough for local markets, and we're networked and experienced enough to help you reach broader markets. Obanc is a payment processor/digital marketing company assisting merchants to get found and sell more products/services online. Every day, we help our clients reach their full market potential.

Using SEM (SEO & PPC) in Tampa

Digital marketing is a crucial component of online success. Chief among the many aspects of digital marketing is search engine marketing (SEM) with search engine optimization (SEO) at the fore. SEO is unrivaled in terms of growing Tampa businesses online, but only when planned and implemented properly. It takes a professional and someone with lots of free time to manage an SEO campaign as this is an incredibly time-consuming and technical task.

Along with SEO is the other aspect of SEM, which is pay-per-click (PPC). Pay-per-click is the name for paid Google search engine advertisements. Whereas SEO drives organic traffic to websites and ranks your websites high in the search engine results pages (SERPs) organically, PPC accomplishes this via paid ads. Also, PPC is available on Bing and Yahoo search engines where it is called Bing Ads and Oath Ads respectively.

Tampa Companies Should Use Both SEO and PPC

When used together, SEO and PPC can do more for your website than just one or the other by itself, although both are capable of netting considerable results individually. PPC is a great way to sky-rocket your site to the top of the SERPs, and SEO is a great way to keep it at the top after a robust PPC campaign has been completed. Any future slippage in the SERPs (which is bound to happen) can usually be overcome by reinstituting a PPC campaign. PPC campaigns should be short-lived, but SEO should be ongoing. Ultimately, it's your SEM campaign and your decision. You must decide how you want to spend your dollars and what results you want to obtain.

Obanc is the #1 Tampa SEO Company for Online Merchants

When you partner with Obanc, you get tangible, measurable SEO results. You'll be able to manage your links, keywords, and written content from a convenient user dashboard. Additionally, you can measure your SEO campaign's progress by analyzing metrics such as your ranking improvement in Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines, number of visitors derived from your SEO and PPC campaigns, and more. You can print, send, or share reports. Analyze detailed graphs, charts, and data. The ability to manage your SEO campaign so exactly puts you behind the wheel. No other Tampa SEO company does so much for their clients. That's not marketing jargon. That's a fact!