Do you know that a slow-loading website can impact your conversion rates and overall revenue? Most website owners spend a huge amount of time and money getting their website to look amazing with intuitive navigation and extraordinary design, yet they do not realize how important website loading speed is. Boosting the speed of your site will help you rank higher in search results which leads to more conversions.

Why Should You Have a

Improve Search Engine Ranking

Page speed is known as one of the major ranking factors since Google wants to provide the ultimate browsing experience to its users. A slow website is penalized by Google and other search engines which results in lower rankings. A quick loading website has additional SEO benefits as it reduces bounce rates while improving the on-site user experience.

Improve Bounce Rate

As a customer, it’s frustrating to sit & wait for a web page to load. Several pieces of evidence also advocate that online visitors tend to abandon a website which takes more than 2-3 seconds to load, leading to a higher bounce rate. By boosting the speed of your site, you can provide a great user experience to your customers.

Better Mobile-Experience

In this mobile-dominated online world, your site must load faster on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Quick loading website will keep your mobile visitors engaged while retaining their trust. By optimizing your site for mobile users, you will also be able to boost your conversions.


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