High Risk Merchant Services

OBANC has numerous solutions for various high-risk industries. Most high-risk businesses face difficulties in getting approval for a merchant account from financial institutions, traditional banks, and payment processors due to higher chargeback rates and risks. Let us help you find the right solution.

Why Should You Get a

Bigger Market Opportunities

Opening up an international merchant account allows you to reach larger markets and grab the attention of potential buyers located in different geographies.

Heightened Security Measures

High-risk merchant accounts use reliable detection techniques during the transactions to authenticate cards and mitigate risk.

No Volume Caps

High-risk merchant accounts allow you to transact freely without worrying about exceeding the expected volume for the month.

Partnered with over 40 banks, both domestic and internationally, we provide our clients the best solutions to support their growth. For international clients, we also offer multi-currency depositing.

Trusted High-Risk Merchant Services Cards

If your business falls into the high-risk category, you don’t need to worry. We at OBANC have years of experience in the electronic payments industry and have helped thousands of retailers get the high-risk merchant accounts. With our reliable payment processing solutions, we help you accept credit cards and checks electronically. Our highly-professional experts will help you streamline the payments flow while positioning your business for long-term success.