Cash Advance

We offer Merchant Cash Advance services at the best rates, only if it is needed. It is an expensive means of funding; however, it is an easy application through which you can receive funding quickly, without personal guarantees in most cases.

Why Should You Consider

Easy Application Process

Our easy application provides clients funds within 3-5 business days. Deposits are taken out daily based on a set-predetermined percentage of daily credit card deposits.

No Credit or Collateral is at Stake

The cash advance providers evaluate weight credit criteria and other risk factors differently than traditional banks. You don’t need to risk your home or other assets to get Cash Advance. You can get the capital in a short amount of time and improve your cash flow.

Cash Advances are Flexible

In Merchant Cash Advance, remittances are automatically deducted from your account according to the percentage of your revenue (debit/credit card income). The percentage-based collection process allows you to grow instead of draining your funds.


At OBANC, we know all the challenges most startups & small business owners face while applying for bank loans. If you are still unsure whether a cash advance is a right option for your business, our highly-experienced advisors are willing to help you make the best decision. Our goal is to offer you the best rates to help you grow your business. Contact us and get the best recommendations.