Imagine the lowest wholesale transaction fees for a merchant account with 24/7 world-class support and a whole host of additional merchant services. Well, you have just imagined Obanc. What is Obanc? Put simply, Obanc offers payment processing solutions for low-to-high-risk merchants, and we have more than 35 years of experience doing it. Obanc is much more than a payment processor. While payment processing is the backbone of our enterprise, we area merchant services provider in Tampa helping our clients to automate and streamline their workflows, gain more customers, and enhance their revenues. Much more than a payment processor, when you partner with Obanc, you are investing with an assured ROI.

Take Your Time and Find the Right Merchant

What do you expect from your merchant account provider? If you're in Tampa Bay, you have many local and national merchant account providers to choose from. The inkling of many merchants is to contract with the first payment processor that approves their application. Is this a good strategy though? What if you get stuck in a contract you find to be something other than what you were led to believe? Having a proven merchant services provider in Tampa who understands your specific needs as well as local marketplaces can prove to be an invaluable asset as you go forward. Although you're ready to get on with your business ASAP, take your time and find the right provider. It will make all the difference later on.


Obanc strives to be the best payment processor in Tampa. Rather than merely accepting credit and debit card payments, Obanc gives you the option to accept eChecks as well. A lot of customers still don't have credit and debit cards, so they're purchasing power is limited - especially online. Meanwhile, paper checks can be lost or damaged, and they go through several steps before you receive your money, which typically takes 3-7 business days. eCheck payments are posted to your account instantly. Contact Obanc to discuss eCheck payment processing and other cashless payment options as well.

Set Up Recurring Payments

Depending on the nature of your business, you may elect to set up recurring payments. This service is especially popular with merchants who sell subscriptions. Recurring payments can be set up from your eCommerce site (we can set it up for you if you'd like) or POS terminal, and your customers will be billed automatically at the specified rate and frequency you desire. Obanc payment processing solutions integrate seamlessly with your current operating apparatus.

Gift Cards and Loyalty Rewards

Gift and loyalty cards are popular among consumers and merchants. Indeed, both benefit from them. The consumer receives stellar incentives to buy more goods and then receives awards for the products they've already purchased. At the same time, merchants love these programs because they promote more sales and more loyal customers. As you may have noticed, implementing a full-scale, highly-customizable loyalty program is not easy. Fortunately, Obanc can help you get your program started and even set you up with the cards you need. If you need a merchant services provider in Tampa, Obanc is your solution.

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